Smoked Salmon marinated with the dill

Also named Gravlax (or Gravadlax) beacuse of the preparation process, it associates the dill with the discerning taste of the salmon, to offer a fresher flavor in mouth. This process confers to the salmon an exceptional softness thanks to its technique of marinade. The fine and delicious slices shall allow you to use the smoked salmon marinated in the dill with or without seasoning, to give to your dishes a new flavor.


GRAMMAGES 100g – 200g
SLICES 3 to 5 pieces
CONSERVATION Between 0° and + 2°
PARTICULARITY Fresh-never frozen


Sir Edward's

It's attributs

With this smoked salmon marinated in the dill, the aniseed notes reveal a new delicate side of the salmon.

Its light slices will allow you to taste him in varied forms, such as narrow-minded individual or the service in the plate of whole slices.

Smoked Salmon tartar

Recipe idea

Set of the smoked salmon marinated in the dill, and cut it in small regular dice.

In a salad bowl, mix the smoked salmon, the lemon juice, in the olive oil, the chiselled shallots, salt and pepper.

Put the preparation in one take room in circle.

Remove it to have a very clear tartar.


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