Smoked Salmon into slices

The smoked salmon into slices is a flagship product, it reveals all the flavors of the best quality smoked salmon, and frees the aromas of its smoking in the wood of oak. Slices are cut in the hand and delicately packed. The generosity of slices will allow you to find all its flavor, while taking advantage of a magnificent tasteful sharpness. Guaranteed without waste, these slices of smoked salmon will be ideal whatever your desires are.


GRAMMAGES 100g – 200g – 300g
SLICES 3 to 7 pieces
CONSERVATION Between 0° and + 2°
PARTICULARITY Fresh – never frozen



It's attributs

The smoked salmon into slices stays the iconic product of the Sir Edward’s house. Very rich in omega 3, it is the traditional reference of the smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon puffes

Recipie idea

Here is a simple recipe to sublimate your slices of salmon smoked:

Take some rye bread and cut in a equal way.

Put down on every slice a spoon of fresh cream mixed in the juice of half a lemon.

Put down finally a generous slice of smoked salmon Sir Edward’s on every piece of bread, and decorate with the dill.

Have a rough time.

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