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Sir Edward’s, taste and tradition

Established by Edouard REBOAH more than 30 years ago, Sir Edward’s is a company that produces smoked scottish salmons of exceptional quality.

We developed a wide range of products around the smoked salmon by using all the traditional techniques, in fact our salmon is salted using dry salt, but it’s also hand slicing.

Thanks to the wooden use of oak, smoke this salmon bring a very delicate taste and a great sharpness.

Located at the heart of the Scottish islands, in the North of the Atlantic Ocean, the climate and the cold waters gives to the Sir Edward’s smoked Salmon an added value, and a particular flavor.


Smoked salmon into slices

  • 100g, 200g, 300g
  • Guaranteed fresh
  • Hand sliced


Smoked heart of salmon

  • 200g
  • Smoked with oak wood
  • Raised and smoked in Scotland

Sir Edward's


The Scottish Islands

The smoked salmon Sir Edward’s arises from a breeding of salmons situated in the Scotland. These islands in the North of the Atlantic Ocean, are bathed by cold and pure waters, so guaranteeing to the smoked salmon, a delicacy and a sharpness during its tasting.

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Sir Edward's

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