Smoked Salmon with spices

This preparation of smoked salmon into slices creates a contrast between the sweetness of the salmon and the liveliness of spices. It is a discovery and an easily declinable awakening of the senses, deprival to private at public events. It allows a renewal of the smoked salmon.


SLICES 7 pieces
CONSERVATION Between 0° and 2°
PARTICULARITY Fresh – never frozen
TREATMENT dry salt, marinated with spices and herbs



It's attribute

The smoked salmon marinated in herbs and in spices offers a rediscovery of the smoked salmon. Indeed, the soft flavor of the salmon is counterbalanced by the liveliness of its marinade compound of herbs and of pili-pili.
Ideal for the amators of new gustative sensations, smoked salmon marinated in herbs and in spices amazes and feigns the most delicate papillae.

Spoon of smoked spiced salmon

Recipie idea

Emphasize your smoked salmon:

Mix avocados with some lemon juice, and by means of a piping bag, arrange the avocado in spoons.

Add the salmon smoked in herbs and spices cut in dice, crumble some Breton pucks above.

Decorate with startups of grass

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