Diced Smoked Salmon

These dice of smoked salmon cuts in a regular way will bring to your dishes the quality of the Sir Edward’s salmon while facilitating you the preparation of these.


CONSERVATION Between 0° and + 2°
PARTICULARITY Fresh – never frozen




It's attributs

This smoked salmon in dice, delicately cut from the hand, will guarantee you a sophisticated display)of your dishes.

The aroma of the smoked salmon is perfectly preserved. The vacuum packing assures you a kept flavor, as well as a texture always so tender.

Glass cup of smoked Salmon

Recipie idea

Here is an easy recipe with your dice of salmon:

Mix avocados with some lemon juice, and place the mash at the bottom of a glass cup. Add a mixture of typical soft white cheese, salt and pepper by top.

Arrange your smoked salmon in dice on the soft white cheese and decorate with chiselled cebette.


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