Smoked Salmon steak

It is the most known part of the salmon, cut in the net of the salmon. It is thick, and cleared of the skin. It little firmer flesh is in fact an ideal part for hot dishes, because it will hold easily the cooking, without losing it soft character, and her it discerning taste.


CONSERVATION Between 0° and + 2°
PARTICULARITY Fresh – never frozen

Sir Edward's

It's attributs

The pavement of smoked salmon is a part of beautiful quality. The advantage being while it can be used so raw as cooked. Indeed, its little firmer texture allows to appreciate its delicate taste. On the other hand it also presents one very good behavior during the cooking, and keeping its fondant.

Smoked Salmon Carbonara

Recipie idea

Here is an idea of very simple recipe to sublimate the smoked salmon.

Take some fresh cream, an egg, and some chive.

Cook pastas, then make them return in a frying pan with the fresh cream and the chiselled chive.

Cut your pavement of smoked salmon in small strips, place it directly on the plates of pastas. Decorate then with some stalks of chive, and the egg yolk.


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