Royal Smoked Salmon heart

The royal smoked salmon heart is one of the softest part of the salmon. Guaranteed without arrest and taken from the back of the salmon; it offers you first of all a smooth flavor and a particularly tender texture in mouth. Furthermore it is also one of the least fat zones of the salmon, and it contains a great deal of Omega 3, extremely importants for the health. Available in an unique size, our heart of smoked salmon is vacuum-packed to obtain a better preservation, and keep its whole taste. The smoked salmon preserves all nourishing contributions thanks to its technique of low-temperature smoking.


CONSERVATION Between 0° and + 2°
PARTICULARITY Fresh – never frozen
TREATMENT dry salt



It's attributs

The smoked salmon heart royal is an extremely noble product, it is very appreciated by the gourmets. Used in them restoring tops of the range, its tasted raw, so that its texture reveals all its aromas.

Smoked salmon sashimi

Recipie idea

Here is an easy recipe which will delight the amateurs of salmon:

Pay some vinegar of rice on your heart smoked salmon, cut a little bit thick regular slices have on a slice of bread burned out.

Add some grains of passion fruit, lamellas of red onion, some shoots of beet, and herbs.

Water some drops of lemon.

Have a rough time.