The smoked salmon Sir Edward’s is produced on Scottish islands. These are bathed by a sea in cold and pure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. So they offer an extraordinary quality to the salmon, whose breeding is made in optimal conditions.

The process of smoking is made in a traditional way. The salmon is handled at first and salted in the dry salt, then smokes with the wood of oak resulting from trunks of whisky. The smoking lasts 2 in 3 days, to take time that flesh of the salmon becomes soaked well. The wood of oak arises from forests respecting the charter of the sustainable development. It allows then the preservation of a heritage, and an extremely diversified fauna.

The industrial method, is a lot faster (4 hours on average), but brings much less flavor. It happens that aromas of “smoked” are artificially added, what entraine a name ” salmon smoked taste “.

The finished product is then completely cut in the hand.

All the products are guaranteed fresh and never frozen, and are particularly rich in Omega 3. They are essential in a good health.