• Does the Smoked Salmon make lose weight?

    Is the smoked salmon our ally thinness?

    If today  health is a major subject,  appearance is not less important there. And of course, the silhouette is an integral part of it, maybe a majority of it. Then if the sport contributes to make us our dream bodies, it is at first essential to know that what we eat contributes to make us staying thin, or to become it.

    And very yes, the Smoked Salmon makes lose weight! With a hight content in proteinate, and only 8 % of the recommended RDA (recommended daily allowance), he allows to be full without excess. It is also rich in omega 3, which allows the destocking of fats and participle with its ” good fat ” to a great cardiovascular health.

    Within the framework of a diet, the smoked salmon has equilibrium conditions.

    Sir Edward’s accompanies you in a healthy way in your beauty quest.